City of Greenville Trash collection information

City of greenville recycling collection information

Frequently Asked Questions:
When does Blackjack begin collecting residential trash and recycling?
October 2nd will be our first pickup day. We will start delivering new trash and recycling carts before then, but please don’t use them until the first week of October.
Are our services changing?
You’ll still be getting twice-per-week trash and weekly recycling and bulk/brush pickups. Bulk/brush pickup will be on your second trash pickup day and will be collected by the regular trash truck.
Are my service days changing?
For the majority of Greenville, the service days will remain the same. We have made a few adjustments to balance our routes.  Please see the maps above to confirm your collection days.
What should I do with our current trash and recycling carts?
Waste Connections is collecting your existing carts.  You can use your Blackjack carts in their place or place bags out at the curb for Waste Connections to collect.  
Will I be getting the same number of carts that I have now?
You will receive the same number of carts as is reflected on your utility bill. If you need extra, please give GEUS a call to make a request.
Are you already collecting from commercial businesses?
Only the industrial/construction customers, which began on August 1st. We have started delivering commercial dumpsters to restaurants, apartments, and other businesses, but Waste Connections will continue to service our dumpsters until September 1st when we take over.