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BlackJack Disposal offers once per week residential trash collection.  Our service includes a 95-gallon poly cart that is easy to roll to the end of your driveway on collection day.

What BlackJack Disposal Will DoWhat The Customer Will Do
Reliable Pick-UpBlackJack Disposal will collect your trash on your scheduled collection day. We provide employees and equipment to do the job.We ask that customers have their polycart out before 5:00 am on collection day so there is no chance we will come by your home before you roll it to the end of your driveway.
Tidy ServiceBlackJack Disposal will work diligently to ensure that the area is clean after dumping your polycart.Customers can assist us by bagging their trash before placing it inside of the polycart. Not only will this keep loose trash from blowing out during emptying, but it will also keep insects and other vermin to a minimum.
Household Trash OnlyBlackJack Disposal is able to offer our services at highly competitive rates because we anticipate there will only be household trash in your polycart every week. We do not allow bricks, dirt, concrete, tile, shingles, other items that are very heavy. Should you have bulky waste such as furniture or appliances, please give us a call for pricing.
Right Size ServiceAnother way BlackJack Disposal keeps its pricing so competitive is by anticipating the amount of trash we will pick up each week. If your household generates more trash than a polycart will contain, we offer a discounted rate for additional poly carts at your address. We ask that no trash is outside of the poly carts and that the lids of the poly carts will be completely closed.

Polycart CareBlackJack Disposal does not charge residents to receive a poly cart. It is included as part of our service. If we damage a poly cart while performing service, we will repair or replace it.If residents have a polycart lost, stolen, or destroyed, we will charge the customer for our loss. Hot ashes can cause the polycart to catch on fire and overloading the polycart can result in broken components. The contents of the poly carts should not be more than 135 lbs.
Environmental StewardshipAt the end of each route, our trucks will go to a duly licensed landfill to dump out the trash that has been collected during the course of the day. There are some items that the State of Texas does not permit to be dumped in landfills. Tires, auto fluids, batteries, electronics, pool chemicals, paints, and other household chemicals are not allowed in landfills and will not be collected on route.Should you have a need to have these types of items collected, please contact us for pricing.